Ace tomorrow? Friday?

Come on then, who is out tomorrow night at the ace, Westie promised me today that he would come along, anyone else.

It’s a possibility!

*hand up…



Tis a yes from meeeee !!!

I have to leave for work at 6am so if I can keep my eyes open, I’ll pop in :crazy:

I would LOVE to come tomorrow as was looking forward to seeing Stacey, Tezza Moto and the rest of you folks ;). Plus Westie is going, which has to be a crowd puller and have not had a Westie cuddle since Blue Lagos’s leaving dinner !!:smiley: However a mate of mine has got tickets to see a play, so will be out in Covent Garden instead. Wish I could do both :frowning:

Enjoy and have a lovely evening.

Blue R6 with LB stickers will be there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also wearing red hoody (won’t be able to miss me…lol

What time we talking as I’ll be heading there after work, finishing about 5ish

Will be there…

Sod it, I’ll bite. What time are you lot going to be there and how do I identify you?

See my above post

Just look out for the most beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen at the Ace and you will find the group easily:cool:

You been drinking already Hels!! Haha

I wish:D :smiley: I did, however, have an old boss that used to start drinking at this hour - she conducted my appraisal in the Prince of Wales. So I could start to follow her example…now there’s a thought…it is now Friday afternoon (technically)…

Oh oh me me!! Will be there after work, dark grey 'busa, madjester hoodie, black shoei with white stripes, jeans, devastatingly good looking with a twinkle in me eye!! :wink:

Wolf trousers, FT jacket, white HJC lid, tall and slim, newbie 125’er

Sorry Hels, we’re both busy tonight (and bikeless) so won’t be there :Whistling:

Would have done, but i’m out having a girls night out that will be probably get very drunk. But it was great cathcing up with you the other week :smiley:

WOOHOO i can deliver pizzas :w00t::w00t:

If you get that drunk let me know :laugh:

I’ll be there :smiley:

anyone meeting at blackheath or BM before hand?