Ace tomorrow anyone?

that’s it really, I’ll prob be there from 6.30.:slight_smile:

quite possible…thumper needs turning over…be there ermm dunno! depends on work, but i be there:D

hmmmmmmm will the food be good? :smiley:

Depends what you have!

Should be there tonight, not sure what time though.

Contemplating…if I go straight from work, I’ll be there about 17.45, if I go home first then I’ll be there about 19.30.

I could be tempted, will know more later.

Not this week unfortunately, going to Essex with the great unwashed (public transport…)

Not me i have to work :frowning:

Will be down Fifth street later tho, depending on how fast i can kick customers out :smiley: :smiley: :cool:

Dad’s bday celebrations are tomorrow instead now so I might pop in later…if I dare deal with crazy London drivers today

oooooh :smiley: sounds very secret squirrel :smiley:

Off there in a bit :slight_smile:

Could be :w00t:

Im making penang laksa at home instead :smiley:

Which is why secret squirrel stayed at home tonight;)