Ace Today!

We have a few jobs to do on the bikes and car today, but once finished we may have a trundle to the Ace for an excuse to go and play on the bikes…if anyone is going and we see the LB tops we’ll make ourselves known! :smiley:

I think a lot of people will be out on the May Day run, JJ. You’ll prolly see folks up at the ace later on this evening tho, I woulda thought.

I will be there tonight.

Yeah I know most people will be on the Run, but there’s always peeps like us who are doing jobs at home, stuck at work, or being dragged around the Bank Holiday Sales…:smiley:

Thankfully, I’m a woman of rarity…I hate shopping!! :wink:

i should be there in about an hour. blonde hair, tattoos, blue hornet, say hi!