Ace to Mersea Island - 5th April, Saturday - L friendly.


Me and some friends are going from Ace to Mersea Island and back.

150 miles in total.
No motorways and Lplates friendly.
Legal speeds.

Start: Ace Cafe NW10 7UD
Time: 09:00 Saturday 5th April
Destination: Mersea Island
Garmin file:

I ride a black nc700s and wear red hiviz.

Cornerman system will be in use for safety and good progress.
No motorways. Mostly B roads and some side roads.

Info posted on few forums to get more people.


Have a good day Chris

You’ll probably miss a good photo opportunity, but if you hang around on Mersea Island long enough. The Strood (Googlie Maps linky here) has a high tide on Saturday 5th April at 15:41 pm of 4.5M, the road bridge should be proper covered. The earlier high tide at 03:18 am is a whooping 4.9M, that’s almost as good as its.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

The victory pub generally does a good lunch…

Sounds pretty nice ride but working Saturday :persevere:
Have a nice time tho guys n girlies

+2 for Victory pub food:) Roast dinners are pretty good.

Thanks again for the recommendation.
No people from here but quite a lot from out of the forum :slight_smile:

Will post pictures after.


Weather looks ok today, might tag along…

Nice day out in lovely weather, thanks to Kris for leading and furrybiker for giving me a headache :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I believe I saw a fleeting glimpse of Art thrashing the Bonnie :w00t:

You did indeed and I think I may have picked up some points from the white van on the bridge :frowning:

Yes I saw the ANPR van on my exit, lucky to have a 125 in the group to keep the speed legal :w00t:

I thought I saw Art, what I didnt see was the van, oh well. :doze:

Sorry about the headache, promise to put the baffles back in for next time.:rolleyes:

Thanks for the company.
It was a good day. We were lucky with the weather :slight_smile:

I will post pictures later.

Brilliant day out.
9 people. Haven’t met a single one before :smiley:
Ewa came on YBR125cc and did an amazing job. She was very quick on back roads. Well done :smiley:
Big thanks to Furrybiker and Rusty99 for support and to ride Ewa back home.

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Great photo’s Kris.

Thanks. I try me best :slight_smile:

beautiful pictures!

ps. Rusty i feel your pain, it must have been such an unbearable task escorting the girl back home… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

It was very painful to ride at the max speed of a 125 :smiley:
However she was a lovely girl and rode well so no complaints (apart from the pedestrian on the crossing) but I shall say no more.

Ah yes the pedestrian, that was bit of a WTF moment. Very nice pictures, didn’t realise I was in that much need of a trim!:crying:

Thanks for organizing a splendid ride.

Buahahahaha;) pedestrian did not suffer more than my Ego did. Mistake to be learnt from :wink: thanks guys for escorting me home and sorry for the slow ride. Hope u at least enjoyed the view :wink: like I did the sound of your bikes and your company.