Ace to London Bike Show this weekend

Sorry if this has already been posted , is anyone doing it ? My biking mate is away on his hols and I dont want to go alone :smiley:

See you there! It is going to be a good one, we have USR riders helping with the logistics now. For anyone interested, we attended a meeting at City Hall where the subject of Motorcycle Parking Charges was on the agenda, watch the video report here.

And listen to the speeches here:


There are a few of us meeting at the ace for 9am and then riding to Excel, your welcome to join us :slight_smile:

I will be at the ACE around 9am and plan to go on the demonstration ride to ExCel, see you there :slight_smile:

Well see you at the ace then, I suppose you’ll be one of the peeps with a hand full of parking flyers!! if I find one of those parking flyers on my bike you’ll be in trouble!!! lol :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

:slight_smile: I will indeed by one of those peeps! I’ll be shouting out… Tiggi come here Tiggi, I will try to avoid giving you a flyer but it is going to be hard! Since the ACE will be swamped with other people handing out no to bike parking charge flyers! I’ll try my best to avoid you however!! :stuck_out_tongue:

You may want to warn the others as well, those flyers can cause some real nasty papercuts so tell them to beware :w00t:

The apathy against Westminster’s bike tax is unbelievable on this site. If this tax is implemented you will be paying to park your bike anywhere you go throughout the U.K in 2 years time. Pull your fingers out and protest at

You have 'till the 18th Feb.

It probably has a lot to do with the thousands of post on this subject, kinda gets a bit boring after a while, one post for the cause would do :wink:

A lot of peeps here are probably in support of your cause.

This is where I stand -

So vincentward maybe you could tell me why you think we should get free parking anyway, oh and maybe go and introduce yourself properly in the newbies section before having your little rant :wink: :slight_smile:

You cannot compare bike to car.

One of the main problems is the way the EXPERIMENTAL scheme has been implemented.

If I want to stop in Westminster for 15 minutes the only option I have is to pay £1.60… £1.60 because you actually get charged 10p for a text confirmation, and really it is more than £1.60 because you have to pay for the phone call you made to Westminster and sometimes they can have you holding on the phone for a good 10 minutes, while you have to stand at the side of the road and read out your credit card details in public, you can’t leave your bike because parking attendants give no grace time, as soon as you leave your bike they will ticket you with a £40/80 fine (same as a car, while you are parking in a bay not even obstructing, the same penalty for a car sitting on double yellows over the over side of the road, but the parking attendant will get the bike first… it is much easier)…unlike a car where you can be warm inside and if you are in the car parking attendants cannot ticket you.

Is that really something you agree with? and would like to pay for everywhere you went to park your motorcycle?

I surely wouldn’t. So the fight here is against the scheme in its CURRENT form! If proper parking provisions for motorcycles were provided, a bay for each bike, a cover over the bike bay (much like a bus stand) and possibly security devices for each bay (understanding if a thief wants to steal your bike they will but the more security the more of a deterrent).

The method by which Westminster politicians, (and maybe Tiggi you are one) have implemented the scheme is abysmal, it is there to make money from us, with no guarantee that all the money spent will be put back in to motorcycle parking provisions, instead it will be used to pay for the bicycle hire scheme coming to London soon, all they have done is transferred a car system that kinda worked… and applied it to bikes.

You want to pay for cyclists? Don’t fall for Westminster’s words about more spaces, easier and convenient, BECAUSE IT IS NOT!

See you at the demonstration tomorrow!

Oh dear, this has all got a bit too heated. Still, its good to see that you have put your points across so well. For my part, I will be at the Ace tomorrow to protest against the parking fee.

There are no new parking spots so ‘they’ are making us pay for something we were already using. I wouldn’t mind paying if I could ride into central and park up into a new parking bay … but there aren’t any. So I’d spend 30mins to get into central and another 30mins to find a space no where near where I wanna be. Which was really annoying but at least I didn’t have to pay for the experiance. Now it just adds insult to injury!

I just feel that motorist are being targeted as easy money by the Man and we need to stick it to him instead of getting ass invaded!

Did we not talk to you at the Ace tonight? Were you on a tasseled Intruder?

Oh my…

Josef, I def agree that more secure bike parking is needed, wouldn’t take or cost a lot to provide some sort of point to secure your bike to, in Wimbledon where you can park for free all of the bike bays have a pole that goes the whole length of the bike bay where you can secure a chain to. Maybe rather than protesting against the actual charges you should be gearing your protest more towards security in all London bikes bays :wink:

Just done the demo run, was a very large turnout, hope to have a video report up this evening.

I don’t ride a tasseled intruder whatever that is… and I wasn’t at the ACE last night only this morning.

Good stuff today, thanks to all that came along, next demonstration is on Tuesday, 17th February 2009 at 5:45pm/6pm, rush hour outside Westminster City Hall, Victoria Street to coincide with the 18th Feb 2009 deadline for objections, lets give them something to think about before they make that decision.

Keep up the good work everyone, we will get this parking taxed scrapped. And like Tiggi just mentioned, this campaign is also about campaigning for better parking provisions in London for motorcycles and scooters, one step at a time, if we show them the numbers, if we show them we really WANT better motorcycle parking provisions then things will change. But sitting at home at your computer, posting on this forum will NOT get us those better parking provisions! See you on the streets.


Here is a 6 minute video report from the demonstration.