Ace to High Beech Sun 11th Feb

Anyone up for it, meeting at the Ace bout 12.00

oooh, I reckon I could be

Fingers in ears. Not listening. La la la.


Have fun

But Grim all work and no play m8

Ain’t far from u is it ?

Buy u a piece of cake, oi u can taste it cant you

Yes !!

see you at the Ace !

I’ll look at the sky in the mornin as I don’t like soggy cake

I’ll be at High Beech tomorrow at some point anyway. Riding out from East London after 11am so catch ya there hopefully

Could be up for it Terry but no promises

PS.nothing to do with the weather

Ive still got the lurgy so not this week. I havent been on my bike since Wednesday night.

What time are you going to be a t high beech ?


Niceone, looks like there be a few of us

I’d say we’ll be there bout 1.30ish Ian, were meeting at 12.00 but you know what it’s like getting everyone moving

And JP I said is anyone up it, not as anyone got a mancold

Hope you get better soon m8, you must be driving the Mrs mad

Ooopps! Just woke up

Will see if I can catch you up

oooooooooooooooooppppppppppppppsssssssssssssssss!!! I just woke up but i’m unable to catch y up

Well another good day, went to High Beach, then we went (well to be honest I ain’t got a clue) but we finished up where the calander shoot took place. Then back to the Ace

Fairplay coming out Grim never expected to see you, the things you do for a slice of cake

Went and had a curry with Shewolf, came out to find I had no headlights & it was dark by now.

Thanks Sheewolf for the use of your bike, your tools & your help, when I know you was freezing. Your a Darling

Sorry I didn’t make it , Sue found some jobs for me to do


Yes, we had a good ride and I managed to reduce the size of my chicken strips a bit!

That bit of road where we encountered the bloke on the R6 was fab, I reckon we need to hit that again soon (and I’ll try harder to keep up, lol)

It was bloody freezing last night getting your lights done but it was no problem, and it’s nice to know I’m good for something when it comes to bike maintenance, lol.

Yep I recon you should be there to get the coffee’s when ever anyone’s working on there bike

Only joking, you was a great help

I’m sorry I missed ya, peeps! I did ride past on a green beastie if that helps. I had a quick look to see if I could see anyone, but didn’t recognise any bikes. I waved anyway, just in case

Thanks for the cake Terry - you are a man of your word

We went to the legendary Silverball Cafe - which apparently closes at 2pm we got there at 3

That R6 was fun up to 170 (on the private road we were on)

Cant believe how good the weather was