Ace to Box then Chatham sunday 27th may

Few of us are going to Goose’s Barbie, so Tug and I thought we’d do box on route

So if you fancy coming to just box or are going to the barbie

We’ll be leaving the Ace at 10.30

will that old blade get you that far

What you on then?

hes on crack…

hope its not a honda…

You are mad, box is completely the opposite side of London. You are much better off just going straight from Ace.

i think they like going the long way, lol

we shall be there!!!

whats wrong with a bit of a ride before the bbq nuts???

mind you if tugtug navigation system is on the ride we could end up anywhere!!!

thats wat were hopeing!!! i love mystery tours!!!xx

Box is south so it would be round the M25, not much of a rideout. At least if you start off in north London you could head out towards the 414 and some countryside.

probably a bit far out your way though

this is not happening now cause the barbie’s been cancellled and I fink i’ll be nursin a bad ed :wink: