Ace this Friday night?

Weather is looking pretty dry not been down in ages specially on a Friday…

Brew & a catch up me thinks, anyone else?

Me and I know Westie poo’s is as well :slight_smile:

yes please! :smiley:

Ditto…see ya’ll there.

what time ya heading down? might give the bike a wash at 6pm then get changed to go through:)

Soonish after work i would think. Could pop round your place when you’re done washing up.

ye live in the north?

Yup. Found out after the midnight ride that i live just around the corner form Jaime.

Meaning you basically live around the corner of me too, sort of :blink:

And me, it would seem.

koolio, see you guys later!


I feel so sorry for you :wink:

i will be in attendance tonight :slight_smile:

ooi! go flick your bean:D

And you go sort yer bike out :stuck_out_tongue:

I may pop down in the Daewoo. :smiley:

at least my bike works:laugh:

Heading down the track tonight?

be ruce not to!:smiley: