ACE - Supermoto and Street Fighter night, Wednesday

I have never been, but I got some visitors from France and I reckon they would be impressed, as they are big supermoto fans.

Anyone else been before, is it worth the venture out?

Anyone else going?

3rd Wednesday - Streetfighter + Super Moto

Anyone fancy a pillion?

its a good reason to take my tzr out for a little run may see you there gof

This night is good in theory but even in the height of summer only about 10 motards turned up and it’s normally just over shadowed by streetfighters. If they are huge motard fans they may be disapointed especially in this weather


Would love to take ya but already got a pillion that night, she might let you sit on her lap. Will my shocks hold out I wonder, would the points on licence hold out… aarrrgghhh.

I may have to wuss out as my baby is being worked on wednesday during the day, if I go by cage and your local I’ll gladly give ya a lift. I’ll be leaving from harrow about six.

Errr, not really local, I leave near Angel

But thanks anyway


Just found out from GF that she read the post and didn’t fancy you sitting on her lap

I’ll be there

Rottie I have one pillion peg and no seat if you fancy

I might pitch up with the berg if its dry but i’m driving down from edinburgh tomorrow so might be a bit tired. I’ll try to drum up some support on the sm forum.

Would she fancy sitting on Rottie’s lap…?

Now, for a newbie, what are supermotos and street fighters? Definitions, pics, forum examples?

Supermoto night? COOL - do they build a dirt section in the car-park?

Paivi - Supermoto - like 305 in my sigs - but obviously with lights etc added for road use.

(Typically a 450-660cc single cylinder enduro or moto-x bike: fit 17 inch wheels, add a decent front brake set-up. SuperM racing is 70% tight twisty tarmac and 30% dirt)

Streetfighter - Drop sportbike and find you can’t afford to replace the fairings - so take 'em off and fit some big wide bars!



Ooh, quite like this green one in your link, Snap!

Tis a zx10r Paivi. You liking the green right?

Hope be out tonight at ace.

Don’t start with that ‘green thing’ Snap, only the insecure need to bolster their arguements.

Oh go and blow on yer Trumpet