SUNDAY 16th !!!how do you edit a thread title ???

Quick cut n paste works wonders :w00t:

Right as a lot have shown interest in the trip to Italy next year, instead of trying to sort it via pms etc if your interested myself and paul will be at the ACE from 1 o’clock with all the info we have will get some brochures as well, so come along and have a chat so that we can get numbers, people sorted with who will share with who, how many more tents etc needed.



leave me alone I got brain issues the hospital said so :smiley:

If you are going to cancel, can we have no notice again please. ;):stuck_out_tongue:

nup sod orf…Ya did get notice albeit not a lot :smiley:

so get ya scraggy butts down there sunday ok :slight_smile:

Is this the Sunday after £&th?:smiley:

No Chunky, the !&th no wonder nobody knows what is going on! :smiley:

Ha ha, nice to see someone giving him a taste of his own medicine for a change.

haha and are YOU gonna get the purple people eater out for a ride then ?

Well I asked Nige if I could go pillion on his bike, but he said see that one there, that’s your bike so why not ride it once in a while, so I think that was a no.

This is a GO !!! today so see ya all there :smiley:

Are you sure? There is still plenty of time to cancel. :wink: