Ace & somewhere fri 29th june

Frith’s fooked at the mo, so suggestions on a postcard pls

So who’s up for it ?

Ahhhhhhhhhh and the usual crew can put up why they cant make it


If the weather is sh!t I will not be out, but if it is OK how about going to Brick Lane to one of the Bagel shops?

well for the last few weeks weve been going down to bagel bite (great parking on the pavement outside lol) in sheperds bush for a bagel after ace, followed by going to the usual spots.

Or Leicester Square Mcdonalds, theres even bike bays there, or blackheath tea hut cos its on my way home, lol

My misses is supposed to be going out on Friday night but doesnt know for sure, but if she doesnt i`ll be there.

hows about a blast over windsor way to a country pub for a few cokes and then back into town on the a4???

i’ll like to join… but 2 issues

  1. I am new and will need a company to show me the way to cafe ace. I live in lewisham.
  2. I can get off my work only after 6ish in the evening.

i will be there with my sidekick

Chelsea Bridge - then move on when old bill turn up

My misses has just told me shes going out now, so i wont be there as i`ll be babysitting.

i know .meeting her at ten

Tug, you`ve got no chance.

Ben with a load of numbers on the back of his head is from over south, I’m sure he’ll meet you somewhere on route if he’s coming

i will meet you, as i come through Lewisham

Thanks m8…will get in touch to fix time and place to meet…

is that fat abusive bearded nonce of a copper back at frith then?

Wont be out this week, on my training course from 10am - 10pm thurs, fri, sat and sun

well i may be out, depends on the weather., i hate leicester sq with a passion, id rather just stay at the ace if its ****e.

I might be out, undecided at the moment.

Im there. will meet up with you Goose then go onto to lewisham