Ace/Soho tonight?

As it’s, erm, Thursday… No rain, so I thought I’d take the little bike out to meet all the big bikes.

Would love to but meeting an old friend i havent seen in two years - but have been aching whole day to take my little one out - i have a cbr125r

I would have loved to Paivi seeing as I havent met you yet but this is my last NightShift tonight and once this is out of the way then its Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon off for me so


Have a good time Paivi and see you soon.

Friday should be on, Barro. Assuming it doesn’t rain AGAIN. I got ready, in me leathers, all geared up, step outside and it’s pissing down, guh. Nobody would be out so I went back in and cracked open a beer.

Lol…the next best thing eh !!!

A totally free weekend here so looking forward to getting out.

me too me too ill pm you tomorrow barro if your going to tha ace, and make arrangements for a sunday ride or summin

If its dry I will pay the ace a visit late afternoon sunday!