Ace/Soho tomorrow night?

Just got my bike back from its rebuild. Anyone out tomorrow night? Weather forecast looks quite promising.

I will be there… well I have nothing better to do on a friday night… well there isn’t really anything better to do on a friday night well I could think of one or two things

Me and Pappa will be heading to Bar Italia and then come back to the Ace late in the eve.

hya topcat, i will be at soho on friday night…get me right i will be there for the bikes not the women around the corner…

TSM - Were you out last Friday too? I saw your Suzuki can’t remember if it was at the Ace or Chelsea?

I am going to come tonight I will be a Soho virgin Meeting at the Ace first then on to Soho? Will be at the Ace about 8 ish.

Can’t do either tomorrow

Next weekend definitely up on Friday, may try and bring GF.

This one? I was in soho then stopped at the bridge on my way home for a cuppa on the side of the tea house.

Whats general plan for Fridays? Ace, then Chelsea and then Soho? Never been, meeting Strag at the Ace around 8.

Look out for the noisy Husaberg supermoto, LB stickers. There wont be many to choose from!

Yes… I’ll be out and about, heading for the Ace just after 9ish, then off to Soho… See you all there!!

same old time for me 1230ish c ya then

yeap thats the one… we were going from the bridge to soho… it does not get fun until midnight, hehe

I go to soho first because my crowd goes there on a fri night, see me say hi. Outside neros, many people know me. Or i might pass the bridge on my way out.

I might nip out to Soho for an hour or so, I’m feeling better now, and am gagging to ride me bike after being off it for two weeks! See you guys n girls there. I’ll be the very pale-looking person wrapped up top-to-tail to avoid the cold.

1st night out with the LB crew for me tonight (apart from the Xmas bash). And I wasn’t dissapointed Thoroughly enjoyed meeting a load of you at the Ace, then on to Chelsea Bridge, nice ride down there, and finally on to Soho. The banter was excellent and very funny I can see myself making a few more Friday nights in the future!

Just got home now and cracked a cold tinny


Eh? Did I miss you in Soho? Got to Soho around 11pm, and got home a short while ago myself.

Just one thing to say about tonight’s show: I was hoping to see a Brazilian, but instead we saw what looked like a Bulgarian.

Think you must have I was there till about 1 ish.

I’ve been mentally scarred by what I saw last night.

I can’t look at the bedroom rug now.

I think were gonna have to start a therapy group to get over it