ACE Saturday 7th

Anyone planning of going down the Ace 2moro lunchtime if the weathers good ? :smiley:

ill be in wembley working on a gpz1100 so might come up to test that and have some food:D

Sorry we won’t be there this Saturday (we usually are) but we’re off out for a birthday celebration lunch:)

well anyone going ?

ace…hmmm…lunch, yeah why not, sounds gud. wot time-ish?:smiley:

possible, just aboput to get the bike to Southern Cross, not sure how long it will take though :slight_smile:

well nice ride to ace n back, nice to meet ya cheekychick n thanks for my chain splitter back, cya on a rideout soon. :slight_smile:

no worries Steve, thanx again, was nice to meet you and Karen, take care:D