Ace on friday??

Any one gonna be about on friday night if the weather is being kind? or even if its not??

my gixxer is feeling abandoned so she needs a blast about?? anyone up for it??

good to see you back in one piece big guy!

hope everybody passed there tests with you out there???

would like to meet up friday,but have got an appointment with longmoor traning area, maybe tie wedensday night??/

Hey guys i will be out, and possibly down to frith?!

What time are you thinking of Adam? It it’s not peeing down I’d like to go for a cuppa and to watch the stunts.

hmm yeah feeling quite like taking the gixxer out too if the weather is not pants… what time?

I’ll be there whenever I get there Bearing in mind the rubbish Friday evening traffic, if I leave Waterloo at 5:45, I’ll be at the ace by dinner time

Wish I could come but I’m off to the NEC show!

i need to get out, will try my best

I’ll come out to play tonight… SW, what time you going to get there?

i’ll be at Frith, so hope to see some of you there later on.

westie - are you gonna some down and show off your new bike??

ill prob go dwn ace straight after wrk, then head down to frith strt/leicester sq a wee bit later

i live like 5 min away if not less when thier is no trafic what time r u thinking of being their

as i want to get to meet more of u guys

lets me know what time ? or pm me

see ya all

I’ll be there by 8pm, maybe a bit earlier. I’ll text you when I know a more definate time. Be nice to catch up!

May be there tonight

Weathers gonna be poo I think, am tempted though.

Will be there with weeannie & Jaymbee… around 7 ish

yep will be there ness!!! see ya laters! xx

We may make an appearance a bit later; depends on the finish time of an earlier engagement. C U All soon.

weather will hold off for tonight, just like it always does! will be there for 7 -7 30ish, maybe a little blast out west (windsor ascot way then onto frith and the likes?

danno, you go ahead and enjoy longmoor!! treat yourself!

see the rest of you up the ace!

loopylou you can drag si’s arse out aswell, im sure the R1 hasn’t had its winter wash yet!!

Smiled are you aloud out to play or is the missus in control again??


If you’re going for a blast as well, please wait for me! I’ll get there as early as I can