Ace meet saturday? Anyone around this afternoon

Im thinking maybe we meet for a tea and maybe a small ride.

Around 1 ish?

I might ride out to newmarket Via Finchingfield as my grandad runs a market stall there - But just an idea at this stage, i might just sit in the ace a drink tea.


if your gonna chill at ace cafe i might come chill there with you dont really fancy a ride out on a 125 lol. let me know via pm if your deffo going and give me your contact number so i can get hold of you.

and don’t forget your date of birth and full postal address! :smiley:

since George switched to Sunday ride, I’ll join you for tea but I am going riding for sure :slight_smile:

are you both still going ace cafe for 1pm?

current plan is to there for 1.30 to meet Alba, then head off for a small 100 mile ride, back to the ace around 3.30 4pm. Prob a bit to quick of a pace for 125’s!

ah ok no worries bud will catch up with you all another day then :slight_smile:

Hope you kids had fun, would of come but brake problems on the car to be sorted…

Well i had some bike “issues” but they all seem to be solved thanks to a bit of an oil top up.