Ace & leicester sq

Who’s up for it ? :slight_smile:

This is not a post to boost your post count by telling us why you cant make it :D:)

me me me :smiley:

yes mate i will be out

Yeah I’m there mate :smiley:

after last week! 'kin A man!:smiley:

see you at Ace!

( tel, met a fella at essential that knows you:D lucky13? top fella)

I am, got an air filter for you too.

Ah… damn… I would come out to play but er… y’know er… my pet hamster’s got a bit of a headache and needs some tlc or summat :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s alright, I heard Terry’s good at nursing hamsters back to life :D:Whistling:

What time do people usually meet at the Ace?

I was planning on popping along to the Ace anyways, what time you all meeting?

I should be down the ace by 7 gonna come straight from work, most of the guys/gals are usually there before me.

What time are you looking to head into to Town mate? It’s been ages since I was in the West End on a Friday on my bike.

Is Frith still sort of Off Limits?

Hi All

What time is everyone meeting at aces???

Ace from 7’ish leaving at around 9’ish tel will confirm:D

see ya at the ace,:slight_smile:

A new form of rodent-CPR, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Replying to yourself is one of the first signs of forum madness . . . have you got hairy palms yet ? :wink: Anyway, are you going tonight or not ? :smiley:

What do people do that just post up for no reason to up there post count.

I think that’s wrong I’ll talk to the other Mods to see what we can do to sort this

just for clarification I’ll not be out tonight, well not in town that is.