Ace & leicester sq

Thought its about time I got back out for a play and a ride in to the west end :slight_smile:

This may involve a bit of filtering, so the car & van club might find it a bit of a struggle :smiley:

Who’s up for it ?

its not a problem i got to regent place from ace before ginger and smiled caught up lol. ok will get the bike fuelled up ready.

Hello terry, when the evernings brighten up i will come with you lot:) If im aloud:hehe:

oh why not! see you peeps at ace, oh and its payday!!!

I’m holding out for when the rides kick off again but will be at the Ace :cool:

well i hope to do a ace night next month at some point.:smiley:

defo, friday, the weekly trip now :wink:

We’re at Donington Friday for the GJ trackday, so wont get to the Ace until later in the evening, we’ll stop by for a cuppa but it’ll be the car & van club for us.

I’m not going anywhere if the sky on Friday is the same colour as it is right now… that’s some kinda evil shade of grey :crazy:

I’m sure it said in the 1st post

Who’s up for it :D:P

Nothing like asking outright … I’m sure if you’re that desperate one of the guys will take you up on ya offer :smiley:

Na your alrite Ang, mite finish up with Smiled offering his services :wink:

count me in…guv:D:)


Dam! Away this weekend so will miss this one. Will be on the next one though!!! About time I was in the West End on a Friday again


gonna come down after work possibly :cool:

I’m in.

dont hold your breath

just to let you know where we usually meet at ls if somebody wants to join

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Are you back then?