Ace & Frith Friday 27th APRIL

Who’s up for it ?

I`ll be at the Ace as usual.

why cant we ever do frith, then the ace???(the kebab shop is open at 6pm)

frith… can’t wait

Good idea Sean.

I’m saying I might be there. Last week I said yes and ended up falling asleep

Is a possability

This Friday at the Ace:

Performance Bike will be there and the band Invisable Dog will be playing should be a good one peeps

No can do. Taking Sonic to Amsterdam and Assen. God help me.

Where can i get adult reins from to keep him under control?

Oh you poor soul.

try Ann Summers Mick. he he.





re the pic, is it some sort of collar for 3 x dogs? Can you but a lead which fits onto the bar!?


Don’t know if it’s for 3x dogs, but I know a kinky little b*tch i’d like to use it on.

im not out playing this fri

Hey Terry, I will be there, will you be lurking in the usual corner?

ill be there…

god help you mick…

sonic in the dam nice!!!

just tell him he dont need to chat up the hookers first

hi all new member and intrested in come down to the ace but nout sure where it is i know its near hanger lane but not sure where,

so why i do arrive please say hi to colin the silver gsxr rider

It gets really busy on a Friday night Colin. what you need is someone like Ginger standing round in his fluorescent top and shorts

Where ya based Colin? I will take ya up there

i will be there at some point hopefully!!!

i cant waite to get out!!

I shall be there!