Ace & Frith, Friday 12th Jan

Anyone up for it ?

Also a reminder Gingers going to be there between 7pm & 9pm to collect the money for the france rideout, so bring your £20 with yah

Ill see what the misses has planned for me, if nothing ill see you there.

I will prolly pop up at some point, but I’ve got work leaving drinks for someone and then Lou’d bday drinks to go to first

I’m watching the weather

I’ve got a telly

Sorry, I can’t come out and play as I’m on the sherbets tonight. Might pop down to Leicester Square on my way home and catch a few of you guys.

im up for it …

I can confirm i`m coming, the misses has let me out again. This will be my 4 visit to the Ace this week.

cor, you must be well posh

For those that I met tonight for the first time, twas a pleasure, more nice peeps and it was nice to catch up with some of the old hands too.

Hopefully see you all again soon.

Good to see members i haven`t met before, such as afroR1, Mayday and Monster … Sorry but i forgot the rest of the name mate.

I couldn`t go to Frith st afterwards but i will the next time.

nice to see some many people out, even in January! enjoyed catching up with the regular faces and meeting some new ones

Mayday - always good to see new girls out to join us

Lou - hope you had a great birthday night out x

Another good friday night. Nice to meet some more LB’s & going by some replies on here, I missed meeting some of you, hopefully next time

Sincere & the birthday partying crew, It was nice of you all to pop past, hope you had a good time clubing

Frith was busy again Finished up down Chelsea bridge for a coffee.

And Adz, we’ll be having a chat when I get back from wheelie school m8, Once I’ve learned the basics, think your gona become my mentor And how many miles do you get outta a front tyre

LOL terry i dont know what you mean…

yeah realy nice to get out and see a few peeps…

Mother in law and kids were all still alive when i got back

more that can be said for my girlfriend who is still asleep now a 1 pm!!!

lazzzyy ho…

me legs ache, too much dancing!

Terry, hands off Adz - he’s mine lol!!!

Good to see lots of faces last night, the regular people and some new ones.

Brilliant to meet Mayday in person as well, top chick!!!

All in all, a good night.