Ace Frith and clapham


be there…been a long time :slight_smile:
The old skool free for all :w00t:
Teas are on Smiled :Whistling:

I’ll be there about 9ish, many people to see and things to do! See you later Catweasel!

I will be at Cadwell racing that weekend sorry guys.

Have fun, maybe next time.

Well, I didn’t read that properly did I? Thought he meant tonight!! Might still do it anyway!!

you never been the sharpest knife in the draw :stuck_out_tongue: see you down there later :slight_smile:


My riding skills and sense of direction may not have increased since the last ride out with you guys, however the cc rating of the bike I’m riding might have gone up just a tickle… Best count me in me thinks!

Sorry…This is cancelled for now. most that are going are not on LB anymore, I will rearrange a new date and post it on here, once we can find a date when we can all make it :slight_smile:

Balls, was looking forward to this… oh well, next time then.