Ace & Frith 16th Feb

Cant go this week

cant go either, the bf is back so the decks need a scrubbin!, and ive got a puncture! grr

Awww poor lamb! Chin up! Get it plugged tomorrow and go from there

As for me, I can go either! I’ll be bugging Terry and the gang in Lincolnshire somewhere

Not me this week, wife going out this week instead.

not this week - off with da wheelie school kids innit

Thats a shame was going to go this week

No appearence from me either … think I’m going to be mostly working the next few weeks !

I could be out tomorrow actually, depends if my leathers a ready to collect.

Was thinking of popping down the Ace for a coffee or two, but looks like i wouldnt know anyone there lol!!

Foxy and I will be out, but no idea where. Hopefully Soho at some point if we’re allowed.

I’ll be at wheelie school with terry, keti, tug,Fridayman and RislaSV

Can’t wait - I’m soooooo excited

I’ll be in Soho @ 9:30 - 10:00 and Westfazer might be there too…

I will be out a little later on as well but skulking about because I’m not going to Wheelie School anymore

(Wheelie school money has been allocated to a more worthy cause…)

Yes westfazer is going!, along wih macp!, i will be at frith, cos ive got cleaning duties beforehand x

will prob have a buzz over the ace/frith

Well I’ve tried to figure out how to be in two places at once but it’s just not happening. So I’ll be there next week with a vengeance

i will be heading down to the ace tonight and frith st later so catch u lot later

Might be tempted to have a catch up over a frothy one later. What time y’all descending on oh-so soho?

Don’t worry I’ll park the embarrassment in an adjacent street

ill be around

From 10:0pm