Ace Friday night then Wessons/Ogri's Saturday morning

Friend of mine has taken his hog out of the garage for the first time in over a year and is keen to get back in the swing of things, so…

Heading over to the Ace after work on Friday.


Going for a run down to Wessons/Ogri’s Saturday morning for breakie. Maybe take in some of the A259 to Rye for afters, then head back. He lives in Croydon and me in Westerham, so will probably be heading off from somewhere around there. Pace will be relaxed (well he is on a hog and hasn’t been riding for over a year). Not set a start time yet but thinking about 8ish or 9ish. Anyone want to tag along is welcome. Let me know and we’ll set up a meeting place and time.

‘realaxed pace…’


where would you be leaving from?

Sounds like it would suit your riding style Chen:D I hear you like it nice and steady;)

Probably leave from his place in Croydon, so can meet en route. You’re in Maidstone aren’t you? So could meet on Westerham Green (A25) next to the statue of Churchill. Pick up the B2026 near here.

…always with the jokes.


rough timage please mate?

Prolly Westerham for about 9ish.