Ace Friday 30th

Anyone coming down?

Yep weather permitting.

Not this time, sorry. Flying out, for a much deserved holiday. Enjoy yourselves, and have a great NYE!

Will try and make it down weather permitting what time is every one getting there ?

Still not got a road bike so thats me out, have fun guys.

Still haven’t sorted puncture, so that’s me out too.

And since the sleet is falling, temp barely registering and it’s gloomy, I’m in no hurry to sort either.

You’re all mad

I’m up for it…

my bike hasn’t moved in a week, and desperate to have a go…

don’t fancy the rain though…

Gonna give it a miss with the weather like this! May pop down in the car and see if anyone is stunting in the rain! I know the stunting lot are mad so theres a chance!

Well I’m susposed to be going to a nice country pub with some women… don’t think it’ll happen though

Where is my invite hey Kev?

Yep should be going if the rain stops. Anyone else going?

Well due to bad luck… asusal there will be no women

Rain has stopped!!!

no excuses now… see you at the Ace

Nice one. Be there between 8 and 8:30 (after dinner).

after eastenders!!! I know you watch it!