Ace Friday 03/06/2011

Anyone going? I may head up if I can get my hands on an open top bus that is :slight_smile:

Yes :slight_smile:

I shall be there, and maybe a +1 :cool:

unfortunately not this week :frowning:

Im doing some work related market research;)

i wont be will be chasing some tail down the local meat market :smiley:

but there saturday with wheelie machine and Pro Wrap UK

Quite possibly yes…:slight_smile:

Quite possible. Need to unwind, work is doing my head in!

Really wanna get up there friday. I’ll be on a Z1000 orange one say ello if u see me

Yep deffo 2nite!!! X

I’ll be there with my two little rugrats, probably at about 8pm.

I will also have GSXR Abuser in tow - as I was responsible for introducing him to the LB website, I thought I ought to drag him down to the Ace to meet some of you 'orrible lot!!! :smiley:

I hope to see some faces there that I recognise! :w00t:

Prolly but wont be till 8pm :slight_smile:

I’ll be there about 6:30

will be there at about 6pm…see you guys later and have a great day.

will be there from 8 with my new guy :wink:

ive not been down the ace on a friday for years,

It used to be a good laugh, wheelies and burn outs and all that madness when it got late in the evening… then the cops started staying late and it all got a bit quiet.

might have to get myself back down there and see how it is these days.

Nothings changed wee man.

Im not going ace again till i get to see the new bike :smiley:

Ill try and come down if a crew will be there.

i’ll b there about 7

ill be there not that any of ya no me lol but if any1 is heading from sw give me a p.m can meet on way over