Ace fri 18th

Morning all, whos out tonight then?:slight_smile:

not tonight im afraid

I should be, not sure if I am going to be a biker or a member of the LB Car & Van club yet though!!

most likely, if its dry!

ooh i thought the car and van club was a winter thing?!:smiley:

I thought it was winter!!!

got a better offer?

Westie’s on the prowl… :wink:

not from you yet…:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be on the ride out if its dry

Taking your new baby Stace?



I’ll probably pop down for a cuppa or two. Not sure if i’ll do anything else still aching from yesterday.

what time do you lot normally get there? i might pop up for my first time. Finish at 6:30 so i would get there about 7:30 will it be rammed?

Popping along for a while.

yeah got my new baby PJ

But its raining…

Looks like I’ll be able to come out to play tonight :slight_smile:

Can’t do tonight am afraid

Have a good one folks!!

Sorry but it looks like the car & van club for you tonight, although you may be able to hang your car keys up tomorrow :w00t: if you fancy going out for a blast then bring your gear!!:smiley:

I’ll be there :wink:

oh well i`ll have to book you an appointment, im very popular you know…:smiley: