Ace & Fish & Chips

Who’s up for fish and chips (either Fryers delight theobalds road or Masters waterloo, depending on numbers) then maybe Leicestre sq :slight_smile:

Sounds good !


Becod I’m away in the United Skates i’m not gonna make this plaice fryday. :smiley:

Well done Jason, Last time i was in the chip shop there was a fight. The geezer got battered!!

I’m not gonna make this, im off to the roller disco with the others!! :smiley:

Dont be such a silly sprat :w00t:

me and sharon are up for this

sounds good to me.

I’m at the roller disco too :smooth:

You meeting us up the westend afterwards ?


Might stop at Clapham for a tea maybe??

I’m in! Are we meeting at the ace on Friday?

im up for going.Need more info on it as ive just joined ive been on the norfolk bikeride and thats it.


I’m in, though it would be handy if I knew where we are going as it’s probably going to be easier for me to go straight from work and skip the Ace this time

we will know which one we are going to once everyone is at the bus stop at ace to find out how many peeps are going, so we going to ace first now.

We will be meeting up @ the Ace 1st, I’ll be there from about 7pm.

Any Newbies that dont know us, we will be a big group of us sitting at one of the tables, dont be shy come up and say ello :slight_smile:

Start grouping @ the bus stop oppersite @ 7.50pm, leaving @ 8pm

(Tank up before you get to the Ace cause we will not wait :smiley: )

We will go to Fryers delight Theobalds road WC1 which is oppersite the Police stn.

If there is not enough room for all of us we will pop over Waterloo bridge to Masters which is oppersite the Ambulance stn on the Waterloo Rd SE1

So anyone wanting to go straight there, go to Theobalds Rd, we will be there about 8.30 :wink:

See you at the Ace-what do you look like again:D

This will be the first week for a long time that he doesnt look like this :smiley:

Until Tug wants a bike again :stuck_out_tongue: