Ace & clapham Friday 25th Jan

Thought I was going on me belated xmas dinner, but me boss the w*nker has called it off :angry:But the good news is I can come out and play :hehe:

Be down there from about 7pm :slight_smile:

And will be collecting deposits from those doing the bowling :slight_smile:

Anyone up for it ?

And were not intrested why you cant make it :smiley:

Wont be about we’re off to Wales tomorrow but gis a shout if you’re going to be about Sunday, we’ll be back and I can meet you somewhere to give it to you.

Behind the bike sheds Ang ;):smiley:


I`d love to but my foot is fooked.

I’ll call you when I finish Uni about 9pm ish and see where you are. :slight_smile:

You did want the excuses here, didn’t ya? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


are you lot eating anywhere - or just drinking teas and coffees.

Steak stick at Clapham :smiley: it’s a delicacy :cool:

Sorry, out all afternoon ‘playing’ and it will be ‘on the red wine Friday’ I think, have fun though and stay safe everyone.

Weather looks good for the weekend


same night as car and van club,so i will be going:hehe:

I`M GOING aint been out on the bike in a while

do I have to put my name on a list :doze:

Only if you’ve got one leg longer than the other ;):stuck_out_tongue:

See ya’ll tonight!! :smiley:

Will probably head down to the Ace, will see how things go but am knackered already, might make it an early one :doze:

im not sure what im up to? but if im free i will be there!!:smiley:

Surely you’re always free :w00t: (reference to ‘Are You Being Served’ and “I’m free”)

back at work now so cant make it, but will pop down ace 2moro if anyone gonna be there