Ace/Chelsea/Soho 28/10/05

Rite who’s up 4 it?

I’ll be at ace at about 8ish. Hopefully the weather doesnt hamper things.

Hello matey meet you at frith after I finish work

Nice one!

We’ll be out, assuming it’s not pissing down!

Me too! Me too!

Just got my tank and started painting it, hopefully it will get dry for tonight

Bugger, another luvly friday and guess wot eejit has to work again?

Don’t think I’ll be able to get back in time for the late shift at Frith either. Will do my best tho.

Anyone up there 2moro?

will be out again tonight for the ‘max power’ meet!! see you bout 8.

Have to bail this week - have a b’day party to attend. Plus I can only handle one exploding bike per week

i’ll be at the ace for 8 folks

Jay bring yer camera mate. Did my numberplate/K&N thang today. Looks mad!!!

I will be there from about half seven onwards as long as it stays dry. Then off to soho to meet Chris and then nice blap out to our secret place if anyone is interested in joining us!

mite b able to make it after all, but only late at frith, say one-ish.

More than likely will b wite van man again

Me, Kevin (Project9928) and Adam should be there from around 7:30-8pm… Duno about Chelsea or Frith as I’ve got work tomorrow and Jodie is getting her hair done early in the morning and wants me to go see her But probably stay out if it’s not raining!

See you guys at Ace definately though


I’ll be up for the late shift.

Yep will see yall round 8ish for max-power night

I will have to skip the Ace, will be leaving to Soho soon… Will only read a few more posts… I sware!!! So hard to leave the laptop…