Ace/Chelsea/Soho 21/10/05

So who’s up for it? I’ll be at ace at 8pm. Not sure about going to the bridge but definately soho after.

Hi Mate if i feel up to it i’ll meet you at the Ace i’ll see how i go Terry

Weather permitting (yahoo it’s sunny now!! ) I’ll be there about 8ish. Might go and pick up Chris D first as he’s missing his 'ped.

See y’all.

Well, I’ll be in Soho (plying my trade?) later. Tempted to come to the Ace, as it’s nice & sunny now.

weather outlook dry for the evening.

i’ll be there around 8 - see you there snap!.

Yeah I’ll be out to play around 8ish…

See y’all there! Not a great fan of the bridge, but I shall certainly make it to the Ace and Soho. Hooray! Looking forward to a fun evening.

Hehe, Andrew, I already offered to pick up Chris, we have the same thoughts…

I’ll see you all at the Ace !

meet you all at hoeso

Foxy, Cezar and I will be at Soho for sure, but I’m not sure about the Ace (things to do before I go out).

Hey Cezar if i make it could you bring me some stickers Mate

Not going to be out tonight I am off to sunny newbury so see you all next Friday.

Yea I’ll be out tonight, duno bout Chelsea Bridge or Soho though! May have some things to see and people to do See you all at Ace about 7-8pm…


I won’t be out tonight…

maybe catch you another time… or at the NEC… I am saving the pennies…

Just keep it shiny side up this time!

NO WAY!!! Cezar is coming to one of the meets???

He was the first person that I’ve met from the LB and from that time he dissapeared from the world.

so Chris agreed to go with you? Excellent.

…must be feeling brave now…

I’m going to have to give it a miss this week promissed a friend I would go to the cinema. Should be down next week if the weathers ok.

sorry Mates the only red Vfr at the Ace wont be able to come tonight just not well enough . So have a very good evening you all and i’ll try for next week. Take care and keep the rubber side down my friends

red VFR came down Frith street while we were there,but alas it wasn’t you.

Get well soon dude - the back I take it?

Plenty rest now, so it’s as good as poss for Spring.