Ace Care Newbie Night Tomorrow 03.08.15

Newbie night tomorrow (Monday) 3rd August from 5pm onwards. Usually at the rear of the cafe where the stage is. We will probably be there around 6ish depending on work. I know others are planning to attend. All welcome old and new, come say hello :slight_smile:

Will be there about 18:20 depending on the traffic.

I see loverboys posted on the other thread lol

Is Ace Care Marks new home ?
You have spelt it correctly on the other thread :slight_smile:

may stop off on the way home from work!


Maybe, had the kids all week so not been riding

I’ll be there about 7.15

We was wondering where’s ya bin Tiger

an echo

If the planets are aligned ok I’ll be there too :slight_smile:

hmmmm Ace Care …god help us if the Ace ever turns into a nursing home !!!

Should be able to make it tonight. Been so long since I last went to one, it’ll almost be new to me again…

I will also be there

I might pop around too

Working in central till 8pm, so won’t make it to this one…again…