Ace Caff Friday Lunchtime?

Anyone up for a brew and/or lunch at the Ace today? (Fri 6th June)

what time uncle 12 ish ?

I’ll probably be around, can pop down.

I’m out over HW sorting the MIL out today but if im back in time I’ll pop up.

I’ll be there late this evening does that mean we won’t have the pleasure of meeting you:w00t:

No reason why i won’t be up there tonight not likely to be there till later though.

I have to work Friday nights i’m afraid. didn’t we meet at Borough last week?

Is that some secret code? :crazy:

Yes we briefly meet before i was about to leave

i wont be there until 8 tonight!

HW = High Wycombe
MIL = Mother In Law

Can you work it out now? :smiley:

ah-ha! d-coded!:smiley: cheers ang! (i didnt have a clue either!!!:w00t:)

I will not be there as am meeting some pals in town, but would love to do an Ace evening sometime



It was like an LB meet at lunchtime:w00t:

Good to see everyone…

Tel… I GOT WET MATE!!!:w00t:

Don’t worry, I’m ok mate;):D:D

Did it rain on your way home… still dry here.

Nice to see you Chunks, Stevecbrxxxxxxxx, slarty, 7wheelwagon (I think that’s who you are on here) and Terrible Terry, quite busy up there for a lunchtime.

What!!! Please tell me its not raining. Its been fine here in Cobham all day. There are some dark clouds forming but all looks ok for now.

It was raining north of the Ace at around 2pm but nothing hard. Seems OK now though.

I’m an allweather biker again:D:D:D

Thats a wicked V-Max you have there Seven, nice to meet you mate:)

Tel… Did you get lost mate?;):D:D

chunky are you ok!!? you must be traumatised after getting a little wet stuff on ya…are you like a gremlin?:smiley:

btw 7wheelers wheels are mega kool:cool:, i was very very impressed with it when i met him at BM, nice fella too:)

Chunks, take it easy, have a lay down ;):stuck_out_tongue:

I was looking for a bus shelter to shelter under;):smiley: