ace cafe

anyone going tonight:)

Maybe us … I’ll either be :smiley: or :crying: still, depending on the outcome at 12.

is this and the market meet just a case of turn up i have chatted to loads of lb on here but never meet at the cafe really don’t wanna be a billy no mates turning up on my tod :slight_smile:

I should be there later.

If i can get a lift of someone then maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

just turn up .all ways some one ther on a friday night…better than bm:D

Now i have a reliable bike i might pop along.

Forgot to ask, what time

Nice to see everyone who was there, shame i wasn’t there long as i was knacard from a hard day at work.

What? sat on yer arse all day?!:stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry…but I’m curious to know what this is about! :smiley:

I’ll get me coat! :Whistling:

Leave my arse out of it.:smiley:

wonders when the rideout to exeter is being planned ??