ace cafe

any one going to the ace tonight:)

If it’s not still p*ssing it down. Just got soaked going out for lunch! :crazy:

might pop by later, not sure yet.

Had planned to pop down in the car later:)

Are you going to be there?? If so then NO :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Not tonight.

To be honest i doubt i will be out and about till March on 2 wheels.

Still very greasy out there and way too much salt for my liking.

Im going and bringing caramel shortbread with marble chocolate :slight_smile:

and very nice it was too. Thanks :w00t:

Good to see a few of the oldies out tonight and the odd bods on the other table :smiley:

was good seeing yous :slight_smile:
Sorry i didnt have any of your cake, on a diet :doze:

Had a massive slide on the way home, roads were covered in salt!

Nice to see everyone - shame I missed Ali’s famous bickies. :slight_smile:

Cant wait for this weather to bloody get better

Anyone up the Ace tonight?