Ace Cafe

Who’s going?

I’ll be there as per usual :smiley:

Still didn’t get yourself a life, did you?
With no rent or mortgage to pay, you should be able to rent you one if anything else failed…

Shut it frenchy you lippy bugger!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Jealous are we, no mortgage, no rent, no kids, all my money is mine, what a life :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

ill be there… :smiley:

Last time I was there Terry said ‘Pull up a Tiggi and take a seat’ :ermm: Not sure what he meant :Whistling:

Doubt we’ll make it this week :frowning:

What time is everyone about, I am heading out that way and I haven’t seen anybody for eons.

I’ll be there from 8 :slight_smile:

i’ll be there in the ambulance!! not sure if i’m riding later on though!:slight_smile:

no Westie tonight as im off out into town for a night out.:slight_smile:

dude!! its been ages! and…you havent met teh new meber of the Vee Fam…:smiley:

i might be about, depends if the fshing gear is sorted in time and if the misuss is up for it…:wink: