ace cafe

:)any one down the ace tonight…:slight_smile:

If you mean as part of the ‘Car & Van Club’ then yes we will be there :stuck_out_tongue:

Take it Tug’s getting the tea’s in for a change :smiley:

You on ya bike then tug?:wink:

Me? I’m workin’:pinch:

He’s the founder of the car & van club…dont think he has a bike mate

Is your sig line the design for Tugs next tattoo? :stuck_out_tongue:

probably mate, you’d think he’d have car Tat’s wouldn’t ya

Like this you mean? ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Nah - he just had to get rid of thet one about the richest club in the world, after they got spanked by my boyz Tuesday night!!!:wink:

Think the next one will have a Edit

I’ll be there :slight_smile:

We’ll bring the camara

oo might require your services later, goin out in cheshunt

ooh so cold out there…

As i cant get my bike boots on yet i cant go, hopeing to be there on Monday for newbie night.

So where were ya?:w00t:

whos on for ace this friday? anyone anyone?

I’ll be there after 8

As will I hopefully. Havent seen anyone for ages. :smiley: