Ace Cafe



game on

…and JohnP has things to try on


ohh nooooo…lol


Just washed the bike, so it`s ready to impress you all again with her shine.

Washed mine too, now I’ve got to go and get my nails done as two pinged off

working tonight

I dont know if i can make it now, i have to pop out to see someone and then if i have time ill pop down.

As it started raining where u are

Ok its p1issing down… im going to bed…

LoL thats just what i was thinking mate…

It was crappy last week, no fun to be had…

Its raining over here in Croydon

I might still go tho, be really brave! what do u reckon terry?

If I can find Frith without a satnav, I’ll still be out for a wee play, but I’m not staying out til all hours if all it’s going to do is chuck it down. Too much rain makes Keti an irritable lil camper

what time ppl getting there?

I’ll be there bout 7.30 it’s only rain ffs, make make me bike grow & get a few more cc’s

I’ll be there 8ish (even tho my jackets got 4 big holes)

Wots that, neck, arms & waist

I’m up for going tonight! how will i recognize the lb ppl ?

Were be sitting with Ben who’s got a tat on the back of his head, and some Ladies with big em em buzzing boxes with em