Ace Cafe

Everyone going tomorrow night as usual. I will be there.

Not got owt planned so mite come down, but will be in the van as still cant get me bike back.

Nope, I’ll be down at Frith tho. Hopefully see some of ya there

I’ll be there - got some deliveries to make

What time will you be there John?

yep, ace and frith

I’ll be popping down to Frith on the bus! Someone might have to give me a hand in parking her again

I’ll send Sid down to give you a hand



I`ll be there about 7pm.

im going!!! and hopefully with a clean bike!!!

Cheers Westie, reminded me to wash mine tomorrow.

They’re putting sticky salt down tonight - so I won’t be washing my bike until that’s all gone from the roads.

Won’t be attending the Ace on Friday now, had an offer of a meal out instead - apologies for making the Ace second choice, but that’s life…

I’m up for it

me me me to…

Righto john, heres a reminder to “WASH YOUR BIKE” SEE YA ALL TONIGHT, sounds like its gonna be a good larf!


john, wouldn’t bother… the Met Office is forecasting rain this evening! Just park it upside down and you’ll be fine, it’ll wash itself

Seeya all down at Frith!

aye… apparently so…

I shall be there - I aint made of sugar!