Ace Cafe(weds)

I’ll be down there from 7, Anyone else??? ;):P:D:)

You wont be alone Ricky :wink:

I do hope not Ang, don’t want to appear to be Ricky no mates :wink: (waits for jibes)


Lustfish (08/10/2008)


I know :wink: what’s good for the goose and all that :smiley: delete this thread if you want :):):cool::cool:

Ricky (08/10/2008)

But you already have a thread going babe…

You can delete this thread if you wish ;):smiley:

:stuck_out_tongue: I heard you the first time :wink: :kiss:

up for this:D

ricky, would it be cool if i tagged along? not been to ace in years and lookign to meet a few from here?

Feel free mate, we’ll be the rowdy lot so come and say hello :P:D

Never one to turn down a social evening, see you there Wednesday :slight_smile:

I’ll be there too :smiley:

Not me:angry:

Got to go to dinner with some friends in West Drayton

Is it wednesday today ?

Not quite yet, one more day to go John :stuck_out_tongue: will you be coming along?

Not this Wednesday unfortunately, will be at the Gym :slight_smile:

see you there

no baby girl as yet so I might make it… :w00t:

I hope to be there :smiley: