Ace Cafe Toy Run

i’m going to be going on this…any one else???

Ace Cafe Toy Run…17th December 2006…10am

bring a toy/s…wrapped…labelled for a boy or girl…and age group…

Myself and hubby plan on going, pending sitters for kids of course.

It’s already written on my calendar.

that sounds like a nice gesture! i might be in on this!

Ill be there as usual, this year i have bought a desent santa suit and my mate Jimc a suit which i cant say as he will read this and it`s a suprise for him.

Hear, hear!

dam wish i could go …still might send a present

i will take it for you mate

AbbeyJ and I are gonna be at the Ace for this; I think a number of peeps from the CBR forum are going too.

See ya all there.

So* it , fed up sitting here with no bike to ride, So* the gear box if it goes it goes, I going on this one


it wont like all the slow riding and gear changing…are you sure Ian ?

and we have started picking out prezzies already!!!

I’m just getting fed up just sitting here and not being able to ride


I know what you mean, hope you are back on the road soon again.

Regrettably the Stig and I have to be in Stafford that day. Shame, because it sounds fun and worthwhile.

Sorry all, looks like I gotta work Sunday Morning…got to be in the office from 10 til midday so no toy run for us I’m afraid.

shame Jerome…shame

Can’t AbbyJ come with us or is she keeping her babies clean

Jerome, Abby can ride over with me if she want to go


I did say to AJ about still going but we may end up doing some crimbo shopping up West once I finish up at work. I will mention to her later for the kind offer Ian. Ta.