Ace Cafe Toy Ride

Ho Ho Ho!!!

There was not too many Londonbikers altough the weather was really nice!

It was nice too see you guys again, and nice to meet you Jono!

One pic of me and my bike in christmas wrapping!



Great photo. The wrapping is superb!

Well done for getting out. It was too cold for me!

My god u went all out!!! Glad u had a good1 mate

WOW, nice one Rottie! Hehehe, job well done with the bike decorations and the santa outfit! Hehehehe… Did you win the most-decorated award??? I bet the kids were happy.

That was an unbelievable bit of decoration Rottie! I noticed a lot of pedestrians looking and pointing throughout the day! It was a great day and the weather stayed nice and dry, bit chilly but not bad at all.


rottie was re-taping his bike when they judged, so he wasn’t best doecorated…

shame, I thought there would be more of you guys… was a nice day…

Charlie Boorman was at the Ace with his family… good to have a little chat… I got some pics and will put them up later…

Hi Rottie

Was a good ride, I think we brought a smile to a lot of faces

Very cold standing around at the first hospital, so decided to go and get a coffee, by the time my mate got back with the coffee, every one was all lidded up and ready to go, got one sip and had to dump the rest.

Apart from that hic-up we had a great time, sometimes low numbers on the ride are as much fun and more personal


Look out for the article on the event, as soon as Cezar finishes proof reading it!

Well done everyone that went!

I was wrapping up the bike at 2am after 12 h shift and I forgot about the air vents. On the way to the ace the air made the holes and I had to fix it. Call me a cellotape man

I enjoyed it anyway!

I hope that kid that got my present was happy. I managed to find a fully remote controlled bike which looked very similar to Chridee’s RF…

The galleries are now live in the Lb pages. Jay is just finishing editing Paivi’s Article and dealing with some stuborn thumbnails that keeps giving a retur error when clicked on… It was a great day!

Where were you Sticky? Missed you there mate!!

Thats not my bike, that was the blue goldwing trike… hehe

Lol you bike was looking good there Rottie


was there look for the dirtiest bike and that was mine (ride every day )

was riding about mid pack

Have you seen yurself on LB pics? If not perhaps you are on the other lot yet to come!

Nicely wrapped up bike there rottie…that’s such nice thing to do especially for kids during the festive season…we get sumthing similar here but its held in Oct . London seems to be enjoying a fair bit of sunshine