ace cafe tonight bike night 6pm onwards 27 sept 2013

anyone going tonight for bike night at ace cafe ?

PmSL Sorry couldnt help myself you post the same thing every friday have you ever managed to get there :w00t::Whistling:

Yes I can vouch that Kishan has been there, and no doubt will be defending the banter built up over this week :slight_smile:

Sadly, can’t make it myself.

not me im afraid. id like to go one more time this year but the free time is non existent at the mo

cheers whereisgibson :wink:

and no worries jaime

i didnt go in the end as i had no replies back so stayed in and watched tv all evening.

Jesus holy batshit Kish! You’re gonna get flamed for this! Again organising a meet and not turning up. FuckingGiveItUpNow!!
If you organise something then PITCH UP. Some people don’t answer threads and then turn up. I personally am like that. Last
If you aren’t going to go then post it in the thread.

Oops. Was me. Claire was logged in :blush:

^^^^^^^ BELLEND :D:D:D

I have a reputation to uphold :smiley: :laugh:

you go girfriendl! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Priceless :laugh:


get your facts straight ! I never organised it i asked who is going i never mentioned i am going ace cafe at 7pm anyone else coming with me . All i did was ask is anyone going ace cafe tonight because if they were then i would have popped down.

To be fair Kishan, the title of this thread is “ace cafe tonight bike night 6pm onwards 27 sept 2013”

true suppose the title is misleading but the main text doesnt state i am going as it clear does say is anyone going tonight.

I would of given up on a weekly Ace thread months ago…

Fucking big gay, vegetarian, dubious porn watching, flourescent helmet wearing, tiny cock possessing fucking twat of a big scoter rider… C U Next Tuesday

Why you always gotta sit on the fence Rix , tell it how it is man !!

oh stfu Rixxy ! Who do you think you are talking to me like that ? You dont know me as a person only by name on the forum so back the **** off my case and learn respect before you gob off at me because a) you not a mutual friend of mine so dont get comfee with me by being abusive and b) im not one of your mates who you can get rude to so remember that :wink:

For ****'s sake Rixxy get your facts right! He’s not a big scooter rider, he only rides a 125… :smiley: :smiley: