Ace Cafe. This Friday?

We’ll its about time i actually went. Having never been before. I know, I know. What have i been doin? so me and some mates are gonna make a trip. some grub and stuff and then down to Chelsea for a walkabout.

All those in favour say AYE!

Look out for the Yello Peril.

Is your Gixer yellow!!! We will all be there dude…It’ll be good to meet you… What HAVE you been doing on a Friday night!!!

Polishing that bike, by the look of it See you on Friday fella!

if its not bad weather i’ll be there (the yellow TLR)

Not sure if I can make it but what time and where exactly are you meeting up?

Hi Chuffster… We usually hook up between 8-9.30 at the Ace… Would be good to meet up with some of you guys…

Hey Foxy. Theres just a smidge of yello on her…less is more right?

What have i been doin? erm…drinkin’ mostly.

Thought as much… Yellow is the new black right!!! Look forward to seeing you at the Ace dude… Mine is a Bright Red Blade… Till Friday then…

I will be there! …If the weather is… you all know…

YO what up Cezar!!! How are you? See you on friday… How’s your lovely wife???

Yes, Foxy! I will be there on friday! Madeline is fine thanks… Wants me to brake up with jack though…

When are you guys comning for another meal? This time I know what you like , lol

You give us a time and date… we’ll be there!!! Grrrrr

Free food…excellent. LB’s dinner and dance? Ill bring a bottle ha

He came,

he saw,

he followed…

He got lost.

He almost ran out of fuel.

He decided it was raining to much and buggered off home.

Great night, sorry i was straggling and then lost. Newly painted wheels and no wheel weights meant anything over 60mph results in major wheel wobble and vibes. Sortin next week. Till next time

Jay, good to meet you again mate.

Chuffster, top man!

Foxy, grrrrrrrrrrrrr

It was good to see you mate! We were wondering where you got to! I’m glad you got back okay and didn’t run out of fuel See you another time soon, I hope!

Hey there Gixer600… Shame we lost you… Glad you didn’t run out of fuel though… that would have been sh*t… Due to my lateness we didn’t really get to av a chat… next time eh!!! Grrrr back at ya! He he eh :slight_smile:
Chuffster great to meet you… Box Hill on Wed then? Can’t wait… No Irish men to follow this time… :frowning: We wont be late!!!
Adios Amigo’s…

Hi, Just signed up. I’m Simon that was with yello… on friday night.

Thought id keep my user name simple this time as 04zx6rowner is a bit of a mouthful when meeting people.

have you posted the pictures from this night yet?

I’ll be getting the photos online shortly, though I don’t know how many I took of us all, we’ll have to see.

Mr Green… We didn’t really get to chat either… Next time then!!! :->

Im glad to see that the LB’s official photographer caught my best side…

Im in the Red n’ White in case you miss me.