Ace Cafe then Chelsea. 8th July

We’ll were at it again. The MCNNINJAS.CO.UK crew are doing the Chelsea thing. So me and Mr Green (Simon) are 'aving it to ACE and then Chelsea for a natter.

Assiume the usual LB’s will be ACEing?

I have a power down at a building in Moorgate to do at 20:00 so was going to go straight to the bridge and not the ace. This is all subject to change due to the current events in London so at the moment, no idea whats happening.

The usual plans Apply… Will be meeting at the Ace Between 8&9… Not sure of the state of play in the West End… Suppose we’ll just have to play it by ear!!! See’s you later…

I’ll be Aceing & Chelsea tonight, not sure of times yet though. Hope to catch up with ya all.

I’ll be present.

Hope to see you all at some point.


Yep, I’ll be out tonight! Ace Cafe, then perhaps Chelsea and then Soho. I won’t be out too late as I have a bloody early start tomorrow, for a ride down to Crescent Suzuki for some tuning.

I’ll be at the Ace/Chealsea/Soho(?) tonight on my sandblasted Mille with Garethruislip entoe

give us a shout as 'twould be nice to meet some of you lot

Foxy and I will go straight to Chelsea or Soho, we’ve just made other plans for the start of the evening. See you guys out there!