Ace Cafe Southend Shake Down

Hey guys

i’m tempted to do my first Ace Cafe ride out but, i’m worried about getting pulled. I’m smart enough to realise there will be police, lots of them and obviously speed limits are to stuck to but, will they shirty about my Taylor Made pipe? (Other than that, its a pristine 2010 Fireblade with no other mods)


Nope, they won’t care.

Unless you are riding in a dangerous manner, they aren’t looking to ruin people have a nice day out.

what date is the shakedown on???

Cool - thanks Waxy. Obviously, plan to take it very easy as i’m sure there will be probably a ratio of 1:1 coppers to riders! I’ve also seen them on TV using unmarked bikes as well…

Next Monday, 25th.

The Police will be out in force on unmarked bikes fitted with CCTV, they radio the uniforms ahead on who to pull over and why. They’re on the look out for the 'tics doing the wheelies, stoppies and burnouts. Just behave and they won’t even notice your there.

Enjoy your day.

You will be crawling along so slowly that overheating fan and dying of boredom will probably be the first problems.:smiley:

Just tear your numberplate off.

you’ll be fine, like Art says the’ll only be pulling the real nutters, all my bikes have loud pipes & small plates & i’ve never had a problem on the shakedown, but i have only done 10 out of the 12 so far :slight_smile: