Ace Cafe Reunion Weekend inc Brighton Run


Hence the question -

Are laerner (125cc) riders allowed to do this run?

Sorry, no, there are some motorway miles involved.

It is possible to get to Brighton without going on a motorway though.

And I think most people would prefer it…

powerpuffgirl (10/09/2009)

Looking forward to this.Still nobody interested in a free hotel nearby??[/quotetell me more!

It’s certainly more fun without the motorway…

If I do end up going to Brighton, I certainly won’t be going motorway!

So, we’ve got very little time to effectively get something together.
Last year, IIRC, we met at Box Hill and went down to Hove and then along the sea to Brighton.

Although I can’t lead it, I’m interested in a ride down to the coast, preferably on roads that twist!

What do you think? -
Meet at Ryka’s Café, 10am (leaving at 10.30am) on Sunday.
No motorways.
L plates welcome, but do keep up at the back!

Who’s in?
Who’s leading (the way)?

I’ll be at box at half 9…if nothing else comes up, I will go to Brighton…but I think there will be other people we can tag along with!

P.S. If it interests anyone, I will be leaving Chiswick Rbt around 0845 to go to Box.

See you there then!

Last year we done this

But it took us about 4 hours to get there and we lost so many people on route…so if I do go it will be in a small group this time :slight_smile:

Handbag thread!

Gonna do the ace cafe thing with a few mates, will look out for any LB’ers when I get to brighton! :slight_smile:

My other commitments this weekend mean no rideouts I am afraid. But a reasonably fast, twisty and learner friendly route from Box to Brighton avoiding almost all traffic is -

Box - A24 - A281 - to the roundabout near Poynings. Leave A281 and go straight on over Devil’s Dyke. Cross A27 and drop down to Hove Sea Front - turn left until you reach Madiera Drive.

Google Maps

so just me and Ian at Brighton then :-s

just got up, i knew i should not have gone out on the p1ss last night, lol.

i dont know why you bother meeting at boxhill, it is a p0xy journey from this end se.

you should meet somewhere like hein geriches at st retham and go str8 from there whether you go a23/m23 or decide to hit the a222

I was there … did the music and commentary for the stunt shows, all whilst nursing a broken collar bone.

Fun day!! :smiley:

If anyone got any photos from the Ace on Sunday morning, especially the police bikes that shut the roads can you PM me please!