Ace Cafe Reunion Weekend inc Brighton Run

It may not have escaped your attentions that there is a big weekend of bike activity centered around the Ace this coming weekend - - culminating in the Brighton Run on Sunday.

We would like to provide as much coverage as possible so please take your cameras and we’ll hopefully get loads of pics to publish. Then send them to [email protected] as usual.

Awesome! Looking forward to it!

I may have a spare double room going at a London Hotel near the Ace for anyone that wants to attend the Saturday night’s festivities without having to ride home!? It might also come with meal tickets and entry to the saturday’s events if I can wangle this :slight_smile: Donation to the LAA welcome in exchange :slight_smile:

p.s. burlesque show on the Saturday night @ the Ace…!

Cant do sunday cos im marshalling at dunton for their 10th year runout to Harwich for Essex Air Ambulance…:slight_smile:

yeah no probs, although they will only be used on this site wont they? not on your personal site.

The photos will be uploaded into the Londonbikers Members’ Gallery only.

who’s going on this then please?? :smiley:

I will def be going to brighton on sun but as i will be staying in wallington sat night will go from there .
Poss also be at the ace on saturday .
Anyone else going A23/purley/coulsdon way ?

I’m sure they aren’t arty enough to make it ‘in the year of our lord’.com :wink:

edit - Is anyone planning a more interesting route down to Madeira Drive?
I don’t want to put my lovely single through the punishment/ boredom that is the M/A23 :doze:

we may be up for this… is there a time for departure from the Ace on sunday??:smiley:

Andrew’s link above gives the day’s programme. I think its 10:30am leave.

A fair worry I guess, especially in these days of photo-theft.

Photos other people take and submit are for LB use only, and I’m hoping for enough to fill a dedicated gallery for the weekend. Otherwise they’ll be part of a general member’s gallery.

Photos I take? Well who knows but it’s unlikely they’ll be used on my personal site unless they are really stand-out shots.

Hope that puts your mind to rest CR.

andrew&7 (07/09/2009)

And on that topic … it’s still not working for me mate :wink:

Virus pop up that I’ve told you about before - plus:

Is all that appears in IE - which didn’t happen last time I checked.

Mr-C (07/09/2009)

I (FF 3.0.11) get - ‘Reported as an attack site!’ (whatever that is)

On topic - check the LB release on the Ace Reunion for comprehensive info on the event -

your bang on there m8, they will be just good ol pics of bikes and birds )seagulls of course).

dont know me plans yet m8 but the a23 is the way i will be going, will let ya know.

Looking forward to this.

Still nobody interested in a free hotel nearby??

see u all there :slight_smile:

Bliddy typical…I’m back on shift on Saturday! :angry:

I expect I’ll hear you all hooning down the A40 when I’m in the Pound! :w00t: Give it some beans when you’re going past the Hoover Building so I can hear ya!


The Brighton run is soooooooooooo boring:P

I am leaving in about an hour for Brighton and the Southeast Bikerfest at the racecource.

Brighton Speed Trials on Madeira drive on Saturday.

And of course Burnup Sunday.

See ya there, WooHoo