Ace Cafe Pass On Police Message About Behaviour

I’ve been sent this from the Ace, a heads-up issued from the police.

Not saying it’s appropriate, and we don’t need a debate about it because it is in force already.

I stopped going to the Ace a while ago as I personaly felt that the atmosphere was changing for the worse.
Will watch and see how this plays out.

Why do we not need a debate about it? Surely it’a biking issue - whichever side of the fence you sit on?

you guys are way behind, the debate started yesterday :slight_smile:

So bikings rebellious and anti-social reputation is not dead after all.

Well that and your parking was terrible. :smiley: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

What I meant was that this is already a decided matter and not one we can stop from happening -or encourage if that’s your view point.

Naturally there’ll be opinions about it.

And yes Martin, seems you guys got to it before I could. Awesome.

My take on it is that it doesn’t affect the Ace directly. These signs will be displayed there because it’s the logical place for them to do so.

Not just bikes meeting at the Ace Cafe. Cars too and some a way louder than bikes!! Sound system pumping too, so bikers are quiet little mice and well behaved citizens by comparison.

Chatting with Evilblade yesterday he was saying that the police are having little get togethers and stopping just about everyone for various checks and writing tickets for minor infractions (like undersize number plate). If that is true the police are not doing police/biker relations any favours and it will impact the Ace. I’m all for insurance/MOT checks with ANPR etc, but stopping sensible bikers and going over their bikes with a fine tooth-comb is not a good use of their time IMHO…

as much as i love Robert, i think he’s been way too dramatic about this all situation. i have told him so on facebook too.

the police havent got the resources to keep this going for long. it’ll all blow up like a bubble very soon.

and btw, the worst behaviour i’ve seen IN FRONT OF the ace was from cars not bikes :wink:

I’m sure he will be pleased to read that you love him…

he knows :smiley:

isn’t the notice about the roundabouts behind the ace, not the ace sideroad itself?

Rainsford road is where the two roundabouts are