Ace Cafe MOnday 5th Feb

Is anyone going to Ace on Monday for the Newbie get together who happens to be going through Borough and would be up for carrying a pillion???

Aw… not takers then… hopefully I’ll get to join you all down there soon.

I’d run you along…only no longer have a pillion seat…

Me neither, or foot pegs

Oh, and I’m in NW London, so I’m no help at all

So where is this “Borough” place of which you speak? If it’s somewhere between Surrey and Ace I could…

It’s just south of London bridge


where ace cafe anyway?

what i meant is
whats the adress?

Have a looky here

Think me n gridgirl are gonna go tonight . . . but by car

I am really in two minds now as I got to go swimming (dont ask)!

Swimming . . . instead of Ace fish n chips witha cuppa tea??? Come on Dan, priorities man