Ace Cafe Mon 4th Sept anyone?

Seeing as it’s my birthday and Nick’s first day in his new job, i may drag him down the Ace this evening and get him to buy me tea!! Anyone up for it?

happy birthday but seing im at my sisters i wont be down the ace, hope you enjoy the rest of the day

Happy Birthday, have a great time.

Damn just picked this up and have made other plans…have a good un - get him to take yer someplace expensive if its yer birthday.

happy birthday u can have more than a cup of tea lol

Happy birthday

Sorry I can’t make it , It’s also my girlfriends daughters birthday and we are going for a chineese


Happy Brithday babe!!! and does that mean that Nick has got a job nearby and you no longer qualify for a long distance relationship???

It certainly does mate, a proper resident of Larndarn from today… Should be able to make Cubana from time to time now.

Happy Birthday Purple

Happy Birthday to you!

i just checked out your personals as we havent met and what lovely houses down your way

hope we meet soon girl and sorry i couldnt make tonight

enjoy your cuppa